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About Us

Originally we only did website programming and some design work but have also evolved into SEO and online marketing. With a few overhauls along the way, we have grown somewhat, but are still a smallish web team! Which is how we like things actually, because it allows us to work more closely with you and be that bit more responsive to your needs!

We have always been passionate about Technology and IT. Our founder originally started out in the defence industry, working for Marconi Systems, developing software and algorithms for underwater sonar systems. A few more career hops along the line, and he found himself being more and more fascinated by the web and its potential… and so, CyberScape was eventually born!

Being a small business ourselves, we appreciate the financial restrictions that sometimes make it difficult for smaller companies to embrace what technology and the web can offer. Either because it is perceived as being expensive, which it can be… or due to an innate fear of all things techie!

Well this just gave us all the more reason and motivation to focus on trying to make web technology and its benefits, more affordable and accessible to the SME marketplace!

Drop us a line for an informal chat to see how we can help with your web marketing needs!